5 Ways To Increase the Value of Your Car

Motorists want the best price when selling a vehicle, but how can you ensure your car is worth as much money as possible? Here are five ways to increase the value of a car before placing an ad for potential buyers.

1. Repair Scratches and Dents

Scratches in the paintwork of a second-hand car are common and most can be easily fixed at your local garage. Many light scratches can be repaired at home by buffing the affected area with a polishing or rubbing compound, but deeper scratches may require professional attention. These deep scratches can eventually become rusty over time, so it’s important to repair any more serious scratches as soon as possible.

Dents are another common sight on an older vehicle. Many garages offer paintless dent removal for smaller dents, which is an affordable way to fix a dent without applying paint. Larger dents can also be removed, but the bodywork will need respraying afterwards. This can usually be done in just a few hours.

2. Fix Stone Chips

The more miles a car has travelled, the more likely it is to have stone chips, which are usually found on the bonnet. Over time, water will get beneath the paint, causing it to bubble and eventually leading to rust. Most chips can be quickly repaired to restore your vehicle to its best and it may be possible to fix small chips at home by touching up the paintwork.

However, if a chip has exposed the base metal of the car, has gone rusty, or there are multiple stone chips across the bodywork, it might be best to speak to an expert about having stone chips repaired. Small chips can typically be touched up in 30 minutes or less, while larger chips can take up to three hours to repair.

3. Address Accident Damage

Selling a car after it has been involved in an accident can have a negative impact on its resale value, however ensuring any damage is professionally repaired will make your car more appealing to potential buyers. A small bump that caused superficial damage shouldn’t affect the car’s value too badly. If you struggle to find a private buyer for an accident damaged car, a car buying service may still be happy to purchase your vehicle for a lower price.

4. Book a Service

A car with a full service history is worth more money, as any potential faults will have been spotted and fixed during servicing. If you are selling a newer car, annual servicing will ensure that the manufacturer’s warranty is still valid – another plus for potential buyers. If your car’s service is due soon, book it in for its annual check-up before advertising it for sale. This will give buyers the peace of mind that your vehicle has been well taken care of.

5. Clean Inside and Out

A clean car is a more appealing car, and although a visit to the car wash won’t necessarily add value to a vehicle, it will ensure it looks its best for any potential buyers who want to arrange a viewing. When a car is clean, it is easier to spot any damage, so prospective purchasers will feel confident that your vehicle is in good condition. A thorough clean can also make a second-hand car appear newer and, like a full service history, shows that the car has been looked after.

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