What To Do When Your Car Gets a Dent

When people notice that their car has a dent in it, the first thing they do is panic. They think it will cost them hundreds of pounds to repair. However, this isn’t always the case, this blog post should help you learn a bit more about when dents can be fixed by yourself and when they can’t.

When Can’t You Repair It Yourself?

Generally, the smoother and rounder the edges are on the dent, the easier they will be to repair by yourself. However, if you have been in an accident and have a warped frame or the dent is sharp and pointed, then DIY repair may not be the best option for you and taking it to a professional would be the best course of action.

Car Paint Concerns

You may be concerned about damaging the paintwork on your car if you attempt to repair a dent.  However, modern vehicles use paint which is more elastic, so more often than not, a paint job won’t be necessary. However, extra precautions can be taken to avoid the low-risk of damaging your car’s paint job. Cold paint is more vulnerable and it can crumble easier, to avoid this, ensure the dent is heated before bending the metal.

Boiling Water

The first thing to try when removing a dent from your car is to pour boiling water over it. By pouring water this hot on top of the dent, it will hopefully cause it to pop back into its original shape. This works on both metal and plastic bumpers without damaging any paint.


If the dent is big enough, this is a great way to remove dents. After pouring boiling water over the car you can grab your plunger, place it on the dent and pull strongly. For smaller dents, a plunger can still be used, just make sure the size of plunger matches the size of the dent.


If the previous tips are not successful, try repairing from the inside. For this you will needs; a hairdryer, a disassembly tool to remove the inside panel and a rubber hammer. First, you will need to remove the inside panelling, make sure to invest in some proper disassembling tools to avoid breakages in the process.

Once the dent is exposed, it will need to be heated. This can be done with the hairdryer but make sure to be no closer than 15cm or you could risk scorching the paint. Once the dent is sufficiently warmed up, you can begin to remove it with your rubber hammer. Start with gentle hits on the outside and work your way to the middle. Remember less is more, don’t hit the dent too hard or it can do more damage than good.

Contact A Professional

Although trying to fix the dent yourself may save you some money if the dent is too sharp and complex to repair, you may do more damage when trying to fix it. If you think you want a professional to take a look at your vehicle’s dent, then feel free to call our team on 020 8861 2628 and we would be happy to help.