5 Ways to Protect Your Car From Scratches 

Scratches are obviously not a problem when it comes to running your car, however, they can be a nuisance to have on there if you are concerned about the appearance. If you want to prevent scratches from happening then you can follow these 5 tips. They won’t guarantee scratches won’t happen but they can definitely help.

Clear film Vinyl

This is the most common kind of protection film, this allows you to preserve the look of your original paintwork. This film prevents minor scratches or chips since it will scratch the film not the actual car which can be replaced easily.

Paint Sealant

High quality paint sealants work like a car wax except they last for much longer periods of time. It works by adding a protective layer to the car which stops light scratches from occurring. This is usually very easy to apply and can be done yourself, however, make sure that you buy professional high quality sealant for the best results.

Regularly Wax Your Car 

This is similar to the sealant, although it doesn’t protect as well as a sealant, it is a cheaper option and can still help to prevent small scratches on the car.

Hand Wash Your Car Where You Can

All car washes are different so some will be worse than others. Although they are much better than they were years ago, they can still be harsh. Hand washing your car allows you to be sure of the material you are scrubbing it with and the products that are going on, allowing you to be more in control.

Plastic Door Protectors

Doors can get scratched quite easily when you park too close to something and your door hits it. These protectors can be simply slipped on and they are extremely cheap, they create a barrier so that when your door swings open, it will be protected.

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