What To Do When Your Car Gets A Scratch

Scratches are very common for cars and people think that once they have them it’s going to cost them hundreds of pounds to fix, however, sometimes you might only need a few pounds to fix the problem. Find out what you should and shouldn’t be doing when you notice a scratch on your car.

Don’t Ignore It 

When you get a scratch on your car whether it is big or small it’s important not to ignore the problem. The paint on your car is made up of three layers; the clear coat on the top, then the base coat and then primer. So, no matter how small the scratch is, the clear coat will usually come off, this layer acts as a protective coating and without it, your paint job can be at further risk and could develop rust.

Sometimes, people neglect the problem because they think that fixing it will be too expensive but it can sometimes be a lot cheaper than you may think depending on how deep the scratch goes.

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Clear Coat

To determine how deep your scratch is, run your fingernails over it. If your fingernails do not catch the scratch then it is likely that only the clear coat has come off. To fix a scratch like this all you will need is toothpaste. Firstly, make sure that the surface is completely clean and dry, then rub a small amount of toothpaste onto the scratch in circular motions with a microfibre cloth. Once you have finished rubbing out the scratches make sure to clean the area again with a microfibre cloth to remove any leftover toothpaste.

Base Coat

When the scratch has gone deeper than the clear coats and onto the base coat, the toothpaste probably won’t work and you would be better off using a more specialist scratch removal product. This is usually applied in a similar way to the toothpaste but when you buy it from the shop there should be instructions already on it.

Primer / Metal Body

Sometimes a scratch can go through all of the other coats and reach the primer or even the metal underneath. When the scratch is this deep, it is harder to fix and a lot of people think that applying touch up paint is the solution. However, sometimes having touch-up paint on your car can look worse than the scratch itself because of uneven surfaces or an incorrect colour match. The best thing you can do is take it to a professional because they will know how to fix this scratch perfectly, so it looks like it was never there.

Book Your Scratch Repair 

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